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Desi Mom and her step son

Desi Mom and her step son
My name is arpita,currently I am married a have two beautiful children. This is the story about my mother and my step brother.

This started when I am 12 .At that time my father died in a rail accident .He was a guard man. He was survived by me my mother and my elder brother who is from his first wife. My mother tandra is only 3 year elder than my brother amit. My brother is a secret admire of my my mother, who is 32 years old with beautiful figure and a very attractive face. My brother used to watch her boobs and ass while she was serving food but he always pretend that he does not like her. He never called her mom. He used to call her “arpita's mom”.

After my father died he became more curious in my mother. He used to watch her openly but without letting her know. My mother's body became more attractive in white saree and blouse. Her boobs become more tight so was her ass. It was impossible for anyone to ignore her body. One day while serving my brother, mom's pallu slipped and her cleavage was fully visible. My brother's eyes got fixed on the boobs. He was looking at it like he will ate out her boobs. My mom did not notice his face as she was busy in serving.

After my dad died my brother took the job as per Indian railway rule. He is now the sole earner of the house. He rarely used to talk with my mother. As my brother used to avoid her, my mother felt depressed and alone.

One day in the morning , I was studying and mom was preparing breakfast. I heard her saying “arpita lets go back to my parent's house as nobody is here to take care of us”.I curiously peep through the curtain of the door and saw my bother was sitting on the dinning room. As mom came out of the kitchen and place the plate in the table,brother got up and hugged her tightly and said “tandra please do not go,I have no one without you”.On hearing that mom also hugged her and start crying and said “Why you always try to avoid me”.Brother said “I love you more than anything else”.While saying this words his hands encircled her back and her hips. He also started given kiss on her cheeks.This continued for about 15 minutes.After that mom said “amit let me go,arpita will see us”.Brother said “first let me drink your milk then I will let you go”.My mom become red on hearing it.Mom tried to get away but amit almost drag her to his room.I too ran towards his room but my brother closed the door but to my luck he does not locked it.I open the door a little enough to give me enough access to the scene. I saw amit made my mom sit on the bed and pulled aside the pallu. My mom stopped him and said “ok,but closed the window,anyone passing by can see us”.My brother got up and pull down the window curtain “this will be ok.”.He came back to my mom and start unhukking her blouse and completely remove it. Her cleavage was completely visible now. She use to wear 34size bra. amit put his both hand on the middle and started pressing both the boobs.My mom release a “uuufff” sound from his mouth. amit kept pressing and kissing the boobs.Mom is very excited by now. Now my brother puts both his hand behind her and unstrap the bra.he completely remove it from her body.She was so exicited that her nipple was fully erect and stiff.Her boobs was milky white and very firm.amit brused his hand against the nipples , nipples becomes more erect and stiff. amit sat on his knees and took her left boobs in hand and started licking and kissing it. Mom is now trembling in pleasure. She took her hand on his head and move her fingures around. amit kiss and suck every inch of the boobs unless it is completely red. After completing with the left breast he did the same with the right breast.While sucking and licking the nipples,he slowly moves his right hand towards her navel. She started making hissing sound but when he tried to move his hand under the petticoat,she stopped him “No,amit stop”.Mom got up and started to put on the bra. Amit helped her by straping the bra. After that amit hugged her from behind and kissed her on the cheeks,very close to the lips and left for the office.

After amit left for office,mom came to my room and planted a kiss on my head. I thought she will be bit depressed but to my surprise she was very happy. I never saw her as happy as today. She started singing songs while taking bath.

In the evening it started raining hard .amit entered home completely drenched. They two exchanged smile and amit entered into the bathroom. Nothing unusual happened in the evening. we all went into sleep at 10.30.Mom and I slept in one room and amit used to sleep in other room.
I was woke up by terrible lightning and thunderstorm. When i look for mom she was not there. I got very scared but suddenly i felt something and went for my bother's room. Door was completely open and the light was on.I peep through the curtain. amit had by then just removed mom's blouse and bra. Her boobs was completely naked but her nipples are not so erect as early in the day. amit open his shirt completely. Then he hugged her and started kissing her. Suddenly he took her pallu and remove her saree. mom resisted “what you are doing amit ,you can only drink my milk nothing else” ,but by that time she was only in pettiecoat. amit again hugged her tightly and planted kiss on the mouth. Her boobs crushed against his chest. amit sucked her mouth like wild animal. This time i saw her nipples its again got hard and erect. He again made her sit on the bed and started sucking her nipples.This times it is different. his both hand were caressing her legs and thighs. Mom already closed her eyes. amit again put her hand on the navel and kept encircling .then he suddenly move downards and slide his hand inside the petticoat.Mom put her hand on his hand above the petticoat to resist him but as his hand was inside he easily slide his hand down and touch her assets. mom shievered and pressed his head on her breast. amit still sucking her breast,moves his hand down further to the pussy lips and start messaging it .He suddenly dips his fingure into her pussy.Mom gives a loud moan in response, amit left her boob and started sucking her mouth. He drag mom on the middle of the bed and continuing finguring her pussy.he suddenly changed her position and sit in between her leg, take her two legs in upword direction and placed in his shoulder. Her petticoat slide down to her waist showing her nude pussy completely. As her petticoat slide down ,a typical smell spread through the room. amit put his mouth in her pussy and start kissing an sucking, mom started moaning very loudly. If there was no thunder stoarm then surely our neighbour could hear their lovemaking sound. After about 10minutes of sucking mom stared trembling violently and said “amit stop,I can not take any more”,saying this she started moving her hips,amit stop licking and start finguring,immediately she make a couple of loud moans and shadder.I saw a liquid juice running down from her pussy. After stopping for a minute amit stand up on the bed and remove his pants. His penis was fully erect and throbbing ,he again sat on his knees and took her legs on his shoulder and placed his penis infront of her pussy and gave a push. mom moan in pain as he entered the head of the dick. After couple of thrust amit entered her but not fully. amit said “tandra ,yours so tight,its hurting me” mom said “yours is so big ”.amit start pumping slowly but after couple of minutes he start pumping harder. mom said “amit don't come inside me,i am not protected”,amit said “ok”.Now the room was filled with the sound of their fucking and the smell was so strong that my head started spinning . After 4minutes of pumping ,mom suddenly told “amit,no take it out. amit please take it out.amit...please no”.Saying this mom started to move away her body from his by pushing his chest,she also managed to slip out his penis out of her but amit hold her leg tightly on his shoulder and pinned her down,pushed his penis inside and started pumping hardly. amit started kept on pleading “amit..let me go don't come..i may get pregnant....amittttttttt....noo....”.Amit while ejaculating pushed his penis deep inside her and release all the semens .Mom start crying saying “no....amit...please don't come..nooooo....”.Amit kept on ejaculating for more than 25 second.
They both are completely drenched in sweat.My mom was completely knocked out. After some time amit's penis got limped and plopped out of her pussy,a gush of semen came out from the pussy.
15minutes passed I kept standing their. Suddenly I heard my mom crying. amit came near to him and hugged her,she said “what have you done...I told you not to come inside..what happens if I got pregnant”,amit said “i want you to get pregnant,I want you have my child”.mom got surprised and said “your father died one months ago,if I get pregnant now,I will be caught”.amit said “don't worry while delivery we will go out of state and will tell the date of delivery one month earlier,that will solve the problem”.Mom got relieve on hearing it. amit again start kissing mom passonately,mom was wearing nothing but only the petticoat lying above the petticoat,amit took it away from her body.I could clearly see mom's pussy wet with both of their juice. amit said “why yours so tight,does not dad used to have sex”.mom said “your dad and I did not have sex for past 1 and half years. Yours dad's is relatively smaller than yours”.amit said “from now on I will take care of you”,saying this he again slide his penis inside .This time due to their juice ,penis entered very smoothly but not fully. amit said “yours so small and tight that I can not enter fully but don't worry I will fully enter you within couple of days”.amit started kissing and pumping her put put his leg around his waist and hug him tightly.amit steadily inrease his thrust,mom also helping him by giving back push.Mom's whole body was completely red on heat and kept on moaning on each push.After 2-3 mintes mom can not hold any more mom said “amit I will get mad..I am cominnn....” and have big orgasm.amit wait for sometime to let her recover t. again he started pumping. mom's juice oozing out from her pussy and sliding down her ass to the bed. mom kept on moaning loudly , amit's penis and balls are completely wet with her juice..even their thigh are also wet . amit keep on hard thrusting and after he too came inside her.This time when his penis plopped out ..i saw her inside wall of the pussy it became blood red .Then they fall into sleep in that position .I too returned to my room and fall asleep.
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